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Bookings upon request. Please contact me on: magda@healthyforlonger.com 





Let me help you cleanse your body of the toxins that may be contributing to your low energy, low mood, stress and excess weight.

Join me on this workshop to:
– learn why we should all go through detox from time to time
– learn what do to unlock your body’s natural ability to “melt away” stubborn fat
– sharpen your focus
– help you get back to your natural state of feeling healthy, happy and vibrant.
– have an opportunity to start a ‘Detox Challenge’ with other participants and receive a detailed menu to follow!
– enjoy some delicious lunch with dishes from the Gentle Detox Programme!
– join the closed Gentle Detox Support Group Facebook Group to meet your fellow participate, swap tips and recipes, ask questions, and share your

Bookings upon request. Please contact me on: magda@healthyforlonger.com