What People Say

“I’ve realised it is possible to make healthy changes gradually to include all the family and maintain them. Our breakfast options are far wider and healthy doesn’t mean giving up pancakes! Thank you Magda for an informative course delivered in a easy to understand way which has encourage the timid cook in me to try new recipes and shop responsibly!”

Karin, mum of 3 (6, 11 and 14 years old)

“One of the best results I have got from attending the Feed Your Family Right programme is more focus and awareness of eating healthily and that it can be simple. My children are now more involved in what we eat. People who consider attending should definitely try it as it is inspiring”

Betina, mum of 2 (12 and 9 years old)

“I loved this class! I got lots of inspiration to live and make food healthier. One of the best result I got from attending this programme is more knowledge about different foods for all the family members.”

Susi, mum of 4 (17, 14, 12 and 7)

“I’ve really enjoyed these four weeks. Magda is great in explaining things and a brilliant host. her passion for the subject shines through and she is a brilliant example to us all. If you are considering attending it – do it, it’s very informative, life changing and eye opening”.

Samantha, mum of 2 (17 and 15 years old)

“Magda certainly knows her stuff! This programme was extremely informative, practical and fun. By making small changes to our children’s diet we are helping them live a healthier lifestyle – we owe that much to our kids. Thank you Magda for inspiring me to try and feed my family right!”

Deborah, mum of two (12 and 15 years old)

“Magda’s “Feed Your Family Right” course is the perfect blend of theory and practise and has been a revelation. I feel so much better equipped to plan and prepare delicious, balanced, nutritious meals, snacks and treats for all my family in a way that will satisfy their specific needs and tastes. Thank you Magda for this wonderful experience and for teaching me new and practical ideas that will most definitely make me feel that I am doing my job as a ‘mum’ to the best of my ability! I enjoyed every minute!”

Joanne, mum of 2 (13 and 4 years old)

“Magda’s “Feed Your Family Right” Programme has been inspirational. I feel confident that I can provide healthy, nutritional and tasty meals for my family”.

Annabelle, mum of 2 (14 and 11 years old)

“I found the Feed Your Family Right programme extremely insightful and energising. Magda’s enthusiastic delivery style inspired me to review my existing food habits and engage my family. I got motivated to try new things and energised by what Magda feeds her children. I now introduce new things to my daughter as a result. I loved seeing the things that Magda has in her pantry and tasting; plus the follow up of emails / blog / Facebook page of where to purchase items. Thank you.”

Sara, mum of 1 (12 years old)

“I was really struggling with getting my weight down to a more comfortable level as well as experiencing quite a few joint pains especially in my fingers and knees. Its been great working with you – the intolerance tests were a real eye opener and the face to face consultations have been really useful with the explanations and guidance.
All the reading material as well as the email support and the shopping recommendations, menus and supplements have been brilliant.
The most significant best result for me was losing nearly 14 lbs in weight in 3 weeks and more importantly being able to maintain that lower more comfortable weight since then without either starving or depriving myself of the things I love to eat and drink too much.
The other significant noticeable improvement has been the substantial reduction of pain in my joints especially in my fingers which was very debilitating so that has really helped. I would highly recommend someone to work with you as you are flexible and pragmatic enough to get even the hardest clients to help achieve and maintain their goals, most of whom have been struggling for years without success.
Thank you very much for all your help.”

David, L (age 59)

“Magda is very inspiring and full of so much knowledge. I don’t think there is anything she does not know on nutrition. I have loved this programme and did not want it to end. I also would like Magda’s pantry.”

Tracey D., mum of 3 (14, 10 and 8 years old)

“I enjoyed the Feed Your Family Right course very much. Magda is very knowledgeable and excellent at explaining things. All very helpful. I am now more aware of healthy choices.”

Kirsty W., mum of 1

“I loved the relaxed openness and passion of the course – takes you from subconscious to conscious importance of nutritional education. So valuable to “fight the processed sugar” war! My younger child is now eating better.”

Amanda, mum of 2 (14 and 10 years old)

“Very informative course. It has definitely increased my awareness of low GL foods and the benefits of them for my children and my husband. The course has given me confidence to try cooking with new ingredients.”

Neelam, mum of 2 (11 and 8 years old)

“I really enjoyed Magda’s sessions and learnt a huge amount. You can make small changes that will make a big difference to healthy eating, particularly reducing sugar. Definitely sign up!”

Suzy, mum of 3 (12, 10 and 7 years old)

“Brilliant course; learnt loads and hope to continue moving forward with the healthier lifestyle for all my family.”

Lorraine, mum of 3 (18, 14 and 10)

“Thank you for the great experience! I am now more motivated in gradually changing my family’s eating habits.”

Kylie, mum of 3 (18 years old twins and 11 years old)

“One of the best result from attending the programme is understanding why I should eat or cut out certain foods and being able to explain to my children why. I thoroughly enjoyed the course, as it was excellent, very informative and fun, and would love to attend a similar course with Magda covering a different topic.”

Charlotte, mum of 2 (14 and 6 year old)

“I have really enjoyed the programme and have learnt a lot. The programme has definitely made me think differently about what I buy and feed my children. I have made small changes and will continue to do so.”

Vanessa, mum of 2 (14 and 11 years old)

“I really loved listening to Magda’s knowledge, tips and the coaching really has stuck with me and helped me. I am now in control of my snacking and the one thing I take every time I am out for a meal is Magda’s advice. So now when I go out I order healthily from the menu and don’t feel I am missing out, completely opposite. I feel really empowered that I am choosing what I would like to eat. I am not afraid of saying ‘No’ to people when offered food. The recipes Magda has given to me for my eating plan are very easy to fit around my family.

My fitness routine has also improved a lot by adding weights to my workout (which I never thought of doing); I feel my body is more toned than just by doing cardio. Magda gave me a quick routine I can easily fit everyday.

Magda works trying to find a plan that fits around my lifestyle. If I follow Magda’s advice I know it will work. I am so glad I made the decision to contact Magda.”

Marisa N., 37

“I feel great so far, I’ve found the changes easy, definitely feel like I can concentrate longer through my work day too.”

Alistair, 45

“I do feel less hungry and not experiencing the cravings I would normally.”

Christine, 62