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Easy and Nutritious Breakfast Ideas

“Eat breakfast like a king…” said Adelle Davis many years ago, who has been known as a pioneer in the movement toward healthier eating. Everyone is short of time these days and it is breakfast unfortunately that is most frequently skipped. This should not be the case!... read more

7 strategies to stop sugar cravings

There is no doubt that a diet high in sugar is detrimental to our health. Not only does sugar naturally occur in many foods, it is also added, in different forms, to most processed foods, making it difficult to avoid. Excess sugar consumption has been associated with... read more

Seven ways to help your body burn fat faster!

It’s February already! How are those New Years resolutions? Need some help achieving weight-loss goals? So, here they are – 7 ways to help you shed that excess weight a little faster: Never skip breakfast. It ignites the metabolism early. It’s the... read more

Healthy Goals for the New Year

Happy New Year! The New Year is here, how about making some positive changes in 2016? Below are my suggestions that may help you to have a healthier, happier and hence better 2016. Start the day with breakfast. This is the most important meal of your day. Eat on... read more