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Welcome to Healthy for Longer!

Do you want to enjoy a healthy and long life? Healthy for Longer will show you how! Scientific studies suggest that only about 25 percent of how long we live is dictated by genes whilst the other 75 percent is determined by our lifestyles – what, when and how we eat and the everyday choices we make. Hence, if we optimise our lifestyle, we can maximise our life quality and expectancy.

Healthy For Longer is about helping you achieve weight and well-being goals in a natural way; to educate how eating and lifestyle shape your body, influence your mind and ultimately affect your entire life; and to empower you so that you are in control of your own well-being.

So, don’t delay! Start on the path of living a longer, better life now!

How I Can Help You Achieve Your Goals

I believe in the individuality of each person from a biochemical, cultural, environmental and psychological perspective. Also, every person has different needs and circumstances. As such, my nutritional programmes are specifically tailor-made for you.

My personalised nutrition programmes, each offer a different level of support, duration and range of solutions.

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What My Clients Are Saying About Me.

“I was really struggling with getting my weight down to a more comfortable level as well as experiencing quite a few joint pains especially in my fingers and knees. Its been great working with you – the intolerance tests were a real eye opener and the face to face consultations have been really useful with the explanations and guidance.

All the reading material as well as the email support and the shopping recommendations, menus and supplements have been brilliant.

The most significant best result for me was losing nearly 14 lbs in weight in 3 weeks and more importantly being able to maintain that lower more comfortable weight since then without either starving or depriving myself of the things I love to eat and drink too much.

The other significant noticeable improvement has been the substantial reduction of pain in my joints especially in my fingers which was very debilitating so that has really helped. I would highly recommend someone to work with you as you are flexible and pragmatic enough to get even the hardest clients to help achieve and maintain their goals, most of whom have been struggling for years without success.

Thank you very much for all your help.”

David, L (age 59)